Tobias Meinhart - Discography


Silent Dreamer

Silent Dreamer (2017)

Released: Sept 30

Brooklyn Aliens

Brooklyn Aliens (2016)

Also available on Amazon / iTunes

Natural Perception

Natural Perception (2015)

Also available on Bandcamp / Amazon / iTunes

In Between

In Between (2014)

Also available on Bandcamp / Amazon / iTunes

Live at Getxo

Live at Getxo (2012)

Also available on Bandcamp

Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness (2011)

Also avialable on Amazon

Sideman & Collaborations

Julia Karosi - Hidden Roots

Julia Karosi – Hidden Roots (2014)

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The Big Jazz Thing - A Next Generation Celebration

Next Generation Celebration
– The Big Jazz Thing (2013)

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Fourscore - Add To Friends

Fourscore – Add To Friends (2008)

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