We had so much fun on our tour in Spain, where we had the honor to open for Wayne Shorter. The concert of Wayne Shorter was incredible. also happy to have won 1st Prize in the Bandcompetition, where over 60 Bands from 15countries applied. 4 finalists played at the Festival. all bands were great, and it makes no real sense to choose a winner. again, competition in music is not what it is about. still, we are very happy that the people and the Jury enjoyed our concert. I also won the prize for Best Soloist.

So, some great things will come up out of that: a Cd will be produced, and we go on another Spain Tour, at Jazzfestivals in Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Elorrio, Bilbao…, and probably also a concert in Hoeilaart, Belgium.