We just finished a 3 week tour through Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Austria. Thanks to Scott, Gab and Lorenz. It was exhausting but full of great experiences and a lot of fun nights with great music. Krakau is a beautiful city with amazing food and very nice people. Thanks Allan, for showing us around! No, Poland doesn’t have the € yet, but Szloti. Be careful when driving backwards from a parking slot, especially when there is a pillar behind you. Great birthday present for Gab in Hamburg. Krakau-Hamburg is quite a distance. don’t recommend it. Schloss Seefeld is a beautiful venue. Bavarian food is the best. Freiburg has a great dancing club in the woods, Waldsee. Adrian Mears is impressive and got his wallet back. Here are some random impressions. Enjoy. Looking forward to New York.