March 5th, 2015
Concert at German Consulate
Recently we played a SOLD-OUT concert at the German Consulate in New York. It was a lot of fun and here you find a nice review of it:
Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 12.37.41

October 18th, 2014
After a fun tour last spring we finally recorded some new material last week at the Bunker Studios in Brooklyn. The Band was Ingrid Jensen (tp), Yago Vazquez (p), Phil Donkin (b), Jesse Simpson (dr) & me. I am very happy with the outcome, it will be mixed and mastered soon.
with ingrid





August 7th, 2014
New Song, RoadTrip & website restored
My website is finally restored, thanks to the help of the great Damian Sim. A road trip on the west coast from LA – San francisco left me highly inspired back in NY. I will use it to write more music for an upcoming recording with trumpet player Ingrid Jensen.
And here is a new song I’m quite happy with – it will be on the Debut Album of the ‘Brooklyn Aliens’ to be released end of 2014. enjoy!

(photography by

May 15th, 2014
Album Review
As the new album is out, some nice reviews are coming in – this one is quite funny:

“Chris Spector/Midwest Records: This German sax cat gets extra points for loving New York so much he moved there when he could have stayed home and been a majorly big fish in a small pond instead of elbowing he way around the board in a town where a zillion sax players live and work (when they can). The kind of muscular, lyrical players that falls right into step with the lineage of the past greats, he’s got 52nd Street coursing through his veins like a freight train. More concerned with the charts on the paper than the charts in the trades, Meinhart plays the kind of jazz hipsters would love to claim but real jazzbos own. Hot stuff throughout, this is the best of nu daddio jazz. Hot stuff.”

January 28th, 2014
I’m so excited about our upcoming tour, we gonna play for two weeks mostly in Germany. It feels great to bring these musicians from New York. We have been playing there a lot in the last few months and finally I could bring them also to Europe. Come by to one of the concerts if you get the chance!
tobias flyer

December 1st, 2013
Recording Júlia Karosi
Two weeks ago I was in Budapest to record five songs for Júlia’s new album which is gonna come out next spring on a New York based label. I am really exited about the music, it’s really fun to play with her band – all amazing musicians. watch out for the Release, also some concerts coming up. for now here is a Demo-Track we recorded last June – it’s in the music section…Julia

November 18th, 2013
The Big Jazz Thing – Cd-Release/Tour
The anniversary Cd for the 50th issue of the globally unique series “Jazz Thing Next Generation” was just released. For that purpose a hand-picked all-star band recorded a special program of originals. We just finished a club release tour including A-Trane (Berlin), Unterfahrt (Munich) or Domicil (Dortmund). The band will appear on special occasions next year. you can order the Cd here.
The Big Jazz Thing

July 14th, 2013
Jazz Thing Interview
In the upcoming issue of the ‘Jazz Thing’ Magazine you will find an Interview which I gave to journalist Reinhard Köchl. This was back in April before I moved back to New York. you can read it already online, here is the link!

April 29th, 2013
New York
Since a couple of days I’m back in New York. enjoying the inspiration of this city, playing a lot of sessions. hopefully write a new program. I’ll be back in Europe for the Elbjazz Festival end of May and later in June for a tour with singer Júlia Karosi in Hungary and Slovakia. looking forward…

April 7th, 2013
The Big Jazz Thing
The globally unique series “Jazz Thing Next Generation” 2013 celebrates the tenth year of their appearance, and in November the 50th Issue.
To celebrate this event, a hand-picked all-star band recorded a special anniversary program in Cologne. The CD will be published as No. 50 of the series in October 2013 and the band will be heard live on tour in Europe
The band will open the ELBJAZZ FESTIVAL 2013 on May 24th, 2013.

Frederik Köster (tp) / Evgeny Ring, Tobias Meinhart (sax) / Klaus Heidenreich (tb)
Max Frankl (git) / Tim Allhoff (p) / Andreas Kurz (b) / Bastian Jütte (dr) / Stefan Schulze (lead, arr)

February 16th, 2013
New Song
Finally some update. A few days ago we recorded a new song with Fourscore. It’s a song by Alex Jung. We had a lot of fun, trying different overdubs and ideas, I think it turned out nicely. you can check it out here. git.- Alex Jung, b.-Heiko Jung, Drums-Daniel Mudrack

November 22th, 2012
Live CD
We are just back from another short tour in Spain, and we brought home a Live-Cd from our concert at the Int. Jazzfestival in Getxo this summer! It will soon be on iTunes and amazon, and you can already order it here. Our Drummer Valentin Schuster did a short Video about this Cd, which gives you a little impression.

July 13th, 2012
Best Soloist @ Int.Jazzcompetition Getxo
we had so much fun on our tour in Spain, where we had the honor to open for Wayne Shorter. The concert of Wayne Shorter was incredible. also happy to have won 1st Prize in the Bandcompetition, where over 60 Bands from 15countries applied. 4 finalists played at the Festival. all bands were great, and it makes no real sense to choose a winner. again, competition in music is not what it is about. still, we are very happy that the people and the Jury enjoyed our concert. I also won the prize for Best Soloist.

So, some great things will come up out of that: a Cd will be produced, and we go on another Spain Tour, at Jazzfestivals in Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Elorrio, Bilbao…, and probably also a concert in Hoeilaart, Belgium.

Here are some pictures, taken by Gorka Reino:

July 3rd, 2012
Spain Tour & Wayne Shorter
Tomorrow we will go to Spain to play a little tour until next Monday. We are very much looking forward to be again in Bilbao, one of the nicest cities I know. The band is Lou Lecaudey (trb), Lorenz Kellhuber (p), Tom Berkmann (b) & Valentin Schuster (dr). We will be playing in Bermeo, Orviedo and Getxo. And on friday we are opening for Wayne Shorter! Wohooo!

April 2nd, 2012

International Jazz Festival in Getxo/Bilbao

Just got a phone call, that we were chosen to play at this great Jazz Festival in the Basque Country. I have been there once before and really looking forward to play there with my band this year. We’ll be performing almost every day from July 4th – 8th, around the city in other Jazz Festivals like the Bueño Jazz Festival in Orviedo. On July 6th, we’ll be opening on the main stage for another act. Last year they had Dave Holland and Branford Marsalis ao., let’s see who is playing this year.

March 22nd, 2012

Jazzwoche Burghausen

Here are some impressions of our concert at the Jazzfestival Burghausen, on March 18th. It was very inspiring to have Rocky Knauer on bass, who played with many jazz greats, ao. 10years with Chet Baker. Parts of the concert will be broadcasted on Bayern 4 Klassik. I’ll post the date.

January 31st, 2012

Live Broadcast on Bayern 4 Klassik, Jazztime 03.02.2012

We just finished the 2nd half of our Release-Tour. We had great moments and played at some very nice venues, like the “Kulturparkett” in Rapperswil, located at the beautiful Zurich See. check it out if you can. We also played at the Bavarian Radiostation in Munich, which was a great experience and the audience was wonderful. You can hear this concert and an interview this Friday, February 3rd, on Bayern 4 Klassik. Jazztime 23.05,  here is the link pictures of the tour will be coming soon. best, tobias

November 20th, 2011

2011 Tour

We just finished a 3 week tour through Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Austria. Thanks to Scott, Gab and Lorenz. It was exhausting but full of great experiences and a lot of fun nights with great music. Krakau is a beautiful city with amazing food and very nice people. Thanks Allan, for showing us around! No, Poland doesn’t have the € yet, but Szloti. Be careful when driving backwards from a parking slot, especially when there is a pillar behind you. Great birthday present for Gab in Hamburg. Krakau-Hamburg is quite a distance. don’t recommend it. Schloss Seefeld is a beautiful venue. Bavarian food is the best. Freiburg has a great dancing club in the woods, Waldsee. Adrian Mears is impressive and got his wallet back. Here are some random impressions. Enjoy. Looking forward to New York.

September 28th, 2011

Review on September in New York

After a very busy Summer, with a beautiful trip to Hungary and Galizia, I arrived back in New York late August to do my last semester for receiving my master’s degree in Jazz Performance and Composition. The arrival was a little bit delayed due to Hurricane irene, but everything went fine.
Immediately I was involved in many sessions and a lot of playing. but also school held some interesting parts. In history class I could enjoy listening to the story’s of 84-Jazz veteran, Dr. Howard Brofsky, who still plays a beautiful cornet and runs a great jam session in Brooklyn every second sunday. He heard Charlie Parker and all those Jazz-Greats, he was witness of many conversations and drinking sessions between Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster. and so forth. you can imagine how that feels.
At those sessions I had the pleasure to play with some of the finest musicians, for example at the Vandore Jam, I could exchange some ideas with the great Mark Gross. (see photo below)
Also I had a session with the great young trumpet player Philip Dizack. make sure you check him out, he is amazing. There I also met a young drummer, Jason Burger, who blew my mind. We’ll play a show together on October 5th, you should check it out!
Same goes for Jorn Swart, probably one of the finest young piano players from Holland, also listen to his music if you have a minute.

Other good news hail from overseas. As our release tour approaches, we are receiving some nice reviews of our new cd. It’s also played in many radio stations across Germany and also the Netherlands as I got to know. Stay tuned and check our concert listing. I’ll post some of the reviews soon. Hope to see you on some of our shows in November.  Take Care!

with Mark Gross @ Vandojam, Manhattan

September 24th, 2011

Joe Benjamin Big Band @ Somethin’ Else Jazz Club

Today I play with the Joe Benjamin Big Band at Somethin’ Else Jazz Club, Manhattan. formerly it was known as Miles’ Café. we start at 8.30pm until 10pm. should be fun. maybe you wanna come by, listen and hang afterwards!

July 15, 2011
Pontevedra Jazz Festival

Leaving to Vigo in Galicia today. play there with Yago Vazquez and his Quintet at the Pontevedra Jazz Festival. great alto player Logan Richardson is also part of the group! Yago is an amazing piano player and very good friend which I’ve met in New York. Check him out if you can. looking forward

July 12, 2011
New Website

Since myspace is dead, I started this website. You’ll find my gigs here and some other stuff. If you need any further information, or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Also, feedback of any sort is highly appreciated. Thank you